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                Chapter Meeting  10:30                                     Location
                       8 FEB     2016                                     Smoke'n Pit Bar B Que
                     14 MAR    2016                                     1641 North Tamiami Trail
                     11 APR     2016                                      North Fort Myers                   9  MAY     2016                                        (239) 997-7982
                     12 SEPT   2016



   Chapter President - Susan Ruble    

  The COLA for May 2015 (-0.57) is almost even with the May figure of 2014. To see an increase in our pay, that figure must be “more than” the 2014’s basket of goods.  But we still have a few more months to calculate.

Health Care has good news for us.
  Beginning January 2016, there will be an option of “Self Plus One.” This option should save money for the husband & wife who no longer need family coverage.

OPM cybersecurity breach has hit one of the members of NARFE, along with 14-30 million other Federal Employees.  Alan Lopatin, NARFE Legislative Counsel was on FOX News June 23rd explaining he was notified his personal information held by the Federal Government was now in someone else’s hands.  James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, said Thursday (June 25th) that China was the likely culprit in a cyber-attack which stole millions of employee records from the Office of Personnel Management.  He stopped short of directly blaming the Chinese government, but said Beijing was the “leading suspect.”  “We have to explain to all of our employees what the risks are, what they need to do to protect themselves, and that this will be the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of their lives.”

 In a letter to the President, 27 organizations representing the millions of federal and postal workers, retirees and their survivors, wrote to express the deep concern over the failure of the federal government to adequately protect its personnel computer systems and the devastating impact recent breaches of these systems had on tens of millions of Americans, including the federal workforce.  This complete 3 page letter will be available to read at the September 14th chapter meeting.


 Provide lifetime identity protection for the Federal employees who were victimized by the breach of the OPM. Please click on the link below and add your name.



SECRETARY,  Betty  Mahofski




      As always, we strive to have interesting and informative speakers at every NARFE meeting.  We are working on the line  up of speakers to start in September.

-   Sharon Bowman



GPO/WEP Repeal Legislation Introduced in the Senate


Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-OH, introduced the Social Security Fairness Act of 2015, S. 1651, which would repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP).


Similar legislation, H.R. 973, was introduced in the House by Rep. Rodney Davis, R-IL.

 NARFE will never stop trying to get this fair Legislation enacted.





IN EVERY NEWSLETTER, WE PUBLISH THE NAMES OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WE SENT TO WASHINGTON.  This list is to remind you that you elected them to represent us.  We should let them know that we (NARFE) are strong and have a voice. 

  SENATOR                  TELEPHONE          FAX                                      EMAIL                               

  Bill Nelson (D)       1-202-224-5274             

 Marco Rubio (R)      1-202-224-3041           

 REPRESENTATIVE     TELEPHONE            FAX                EMAIL                                      

 Thomas Rooney (D17)   1- 202-225-3001

  Curt Clawson (R19)       1-202-225-2536



PRESIDENT                             SUSAN RUBLE        
SECRETARY                            BETTY MAHOFSKI  
TREASURER                            EMMA VALLA          

        MEMBERSHIP: Sharon Bowman

     MEMBERSHIP – as of May

  Total NARFE Membership:  230,355                 Total NARFE Chapters:  1,245  

Fort Myers Chapter:   114 voting members
         5 National Life Members




SERVICE OFFICER - Emma & Joe Valla


The NARFE Chapter 0254 Service Officer provides emotional support and assistance to the family on the loss of their loved ones. A booklet “Be Prepared for Life’s Events’ is available to help plan for this trying time for the survivors.   




                 Senate makes history with 60% increase to Alzheimer's Research

June 25th, The Senate Appropriations Committee approved an historic 60% increase – approximately $350 million – for Alzheimer’s disease research.  If passed into law, this would be the largest increase in  Alzheimer’s  funding to date.  Here is your chance to do something really good.  On the next page you will find your Congressman’s phone number and email, let them hear from you in support of the increase funding for Alzheimer’s Research.  Do it now.



                                                        IN MEMORIAM (into memory) – 2015 

                                                                     Rocco T. Conte

                                                                   Richard F. Cormell

                                                                    William (Bill) Streimer 








Meet with your fellow Federal retirees and help us  build a stronger Chapter and let our elected Senators and Representative know NARFE is watching them. After the meeting we have lunch. The Smoke'n Pit has some great food and lots of it.


Why should I attend the monthly Chapter meeting?
Supporting our Chapter by attending our monthly meeting is a way of keeping NARFE strong.
      A strong NARFE helps to ensure that what we worked for will not be bargained away or reduced  like so many other
      programs Congress has looked at.

Q  What happens at these  meeting?
A   At each meting we usually have a guest speaker.  Our speaker's subject material is usually issues important to the group. 

Q  Can I learn anything?
By attending the monthly meeting you will learn about future legislations that Congress is proposing.
      Knowing in advance what Congress is proposing, we can lobby Congress like the big companies do, and have our
      Representative and Senators support us.

How long are the meeting?
 A  Meetings start at 10:30 A.M. and run about an hour to an hour and a half.  After the meeting we have lunch. The Smoke'n 
     Pit food is very good and reasonable priced.

Q  How about FUN at these meeting?
Depending on the time of year, we plan our Christmas party or a summer outing. This past summer our Chapter went on
     the BIG M casino boat,  The weather was perfect and so was the buffet.

Q  What else takes place at the meeting?
Chapter meetings are A VALUABLE source of important information -  What next year's COLA will be, What is going on in Congress  on legislations that will effect NARFE Members  (Florida has 165,000 annuitants) and any events that need immediate action such as  phone calls, email, or letters to  Representatives.

    Attending the meetings will also give you a chance to meet other Federal retirees and participate in a worth while
protecting your retirement check.

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