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       Chapter President      Susan Ruble       694-2253   SCRUBLE@COMCAST.NET

       1st Vice President      Sharon Bowman     693-6835   SBOWMAN216@AOL.COM

       2nd Vice President      Peg McTernan      543-3144   PEGMCT@COMCAST.NET

       Secretary              Edie Wolfley      303-0354   TJWOOWOO@YAHOO.COM 

       Treasurer              Lillian Johnson   369-7759   LILLIAN355@AOL.COM

       Membership Chair       Sharon Bowman     693-6835   SBOWMAN216@AOL.COM

       Service Officer        Any of the listed chapter officers will assist you.   

       Public Relation        Susan Ruble       694-2253   SCRUBLE@COMCAST.NET

       Program Chair          Peg McTernan      543-3144   PAGMCT@COMCAST.NET

       Legislation Chair      Sharon Bowman     693-6835   SBOWMAN216@AOL.COM        

       Sunshine Chair         Lillian Johnson   369-7759   LILLIAN355@AOL.COM

       Newsletter Chair       Betty Mahofski    731-2931   BMAHOF135@MSN.COM 

       Alzheimer’s Chair      Sharon Bowman     693-6835   SBOWMAN216@AOL.COM

       Greeter                Peggy McTernan    543-3144   PAGMCT@COMCAST.NET

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